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Pink Earth

Our Work

See below for some of our past projects. We fully invest in each project to give the client exactly what they desire based on their parameters. With our experience and expertise, we can take on any of our clients' unique design aspirations. 

Brownsboro Athletic Hall has been the most significant transformation we have done. We turned this concrete jungle into a modern, inviting space showcasing school spirit. 


Howry Steam Academy's cafeteria and serving line were transformed into a playful space highlighting their school's educational focus of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. 

We turned Effie Morris' white hallways into a space of encouragement and color. 

Effie Morris Early Learning

Pecan Grove's cafeteria design combines school spirit with color and fun to bring new life to the space!

We gave this high school a completely new look in its front foyer, hallways, cafeterias, gym, and gym foyer. 


This hallway started as the perfect blank slate for us to come in and add some color and life.

We modernized this middle school hallway with acrylic signage and custom woodwork.  


Take a look at this abstract, monochromatic gym foyer design.

HAPPY is the first word that comes to mind for this serving line and dining room redesign. We turned these blank spaces into a place of inspiration and joy. 

Effie Morris Early Learning

This modern design with an ombre wood element and yellow, geometric accent walls brought some interest into the hallways.

We used inspirational sayings and color to energize this once lifeless eating space.  


A little color goes a long way! Take a look at how a complementary color scheme and geometric shapes can update a space. 

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